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It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation,
and only one bad one to lose it. – Benjamin Franklin

Amati Canada has been in the Bath and Kitchen industry for over 25 years. We value reputation as much as you do. Keeping that in mind, we offer only the best that meets your needs and your client’s needs. Finding the sweet spot takes years of experience and expertise, this is what we are good at.


Over time we have worked with many builders and developers, today they advocate for us. When it comes to patching price to quality, we have the resources to pull it off.

We have thought it through for you. Our products are easily serviceable in North America so you do not have to worry about after sales, we are second to none.

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Flexibility is one of our key services we offer you. We can easily handle large-volume orders for your megaprojects, and make arrangements to timely deliver them as per your requests. We stand for Reputation, Price, and Service, choose Amati Canada.

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