American Standard 6036SM-LHOL.218 – Townsend 60 x 36 Inch Solid Surface Shower Base – Left Drain

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The Townsend 60×36-inch Solid Surface Shower Base by American Standard provides a fresh, upscale option for the perfect shower space. Made from a durable, 100% solid, non-porous material with a smooth matte surface, this shower base offers the same high-quality material throughout its thickness, and is absolutely seamless. Solid surface material is non-porous, which means it is not prone to harboring bacteria or mold, for a shower base that is easily kept clean. Our amazing solid surface material can also be sanded down to remove any chips or scratches over time, without causing any damage to the look or quality of the base.
Durable 100% solid, non-porous material
Smooth matte surface
Integral 3-sided 1″ tiling/water retention flange for easy installation
Repairable and renewable surface
Does not support bacteria and fungi growth
UV resistant
Resistant to stains and impact
Easy maintenance and cleaning
Drain not included
Removable Brushed Stainless Steel trench drain cover included
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Weight128.920 lbs
Dimensions65.125 × 39.250 × 5.250 in