American Standard RU101SS – Flash Shower Rough-In Valve with Universal Inlets and Outlets with Screwdriver Stops


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American Standard
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Designed for fast and efficient installation, the Flash Shower Rough-in Valve provides flexibility for every situation. The Rough-in Valve features a flat back and compact body to ensure a secure and simplified install process that can accommodate smaller spaces. Equipped with a test cap, it allows you to install, test, and flush lines with ease. Stainless steel fixation ring, with sure-grip flats, keeps test cap and cartridge in place without screws. Cartridge sold separately.


Test Cap: Allows valve body to be tested and flushed without the presence of the valve cartridge. Can be tested using test cap with air (200 psi) or water (300 psi).
Stainless Steel Retaining Ring with Flats: Secures test cap/ cartridge in place and eliminates need for screws. Flats make it simple to loosen ring for quick, easy insertion/removal of test cap/cartridge.
Flat Back: Allows valve to be mounted flush against cross brace for easy and solid installation
Cast Brass Valve Body: Durable. Ideal material for prolonged contact with water.
Back-to-Back Capability: Hot and cold can be reversed quickly and easily.
Exclusive Plaster Guard: Plaster guard is designed to protect valve and act as a guide during installation. It can serve as mounting support for thin-wall installations.
Wide Rough-in Range: From 1-3/4″ to 2-3/4″ from finished wall to the back of the valve.
Includes Screwdriver Stops for easy servicing at the valve
Cartridge Ships with Trim

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Weight1.980 lbs
Dimensions6.313 x 5.688 x 4.250 in

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