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5 responses on “Reynold

  1. Jerry

    I am totally impressed by the professionalism and customer service level of Reynold. This young man represents himself and your company outstandingly. He is a true marketer, always willing to be helpful. I am very confident that he will do well for himself and the company that employs him.

    1. Reynold Lobo

      Thank you for the feedback Jerry! I am delighted to hear about your experience. It certainly brightens our day knowing that you have received the level of service we strive for.

      You were wonderful to work with, and I hope to do business/chat with you again.

  2. Monica

    We have had very pleasant encounter with Reynold when we visited the store for our bathroom reno needs. He’s always smiling, patient and giving full attention. He gives honest opionion on products. Even though he’s not a floor sales person, he goes extra miles and helps us source specific products we’re looking for.

    It’s a blessing that you have a great staff like Reynold. We will definitely come back for more purchases.

    Thank you Reynold,

    1. Reynold Lobo

      Hello Monica,

      Thank you for the kind words. It was a please working with you, and I hope your renovations turn out to be a fantastic one!

      Please do reach out to me if you require assistance with any product, price or availability in the future.

  3. Dwayne Diduch

    Cyrus sent me to you.

    Looking for contractor pricing on the following:
    1 – Zendor 2-way shower kit, chrome.
    1 – Zendo Single hole (Tall) lav faucet.
    1 – GS or Premium 2-way shower kit, chrome.
    1 – Miso Single hole (Tall) lav faucet.
    Shipping to Calgary

    Phone: 403-***-****

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