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Interior Designer/ Blogger


Tell us something about yourself.

I have been working as a designer and sales representative since 2006. I am all about getting it right! Finding a balance between design and utility is something I specialize in. I simply make it easy for you, because I can.


How is it working as a sale’s rep at Amati?

In this line of work, customers test you all the time. At the end of the day, they believe and trust me.


What are your insights on the Bath & Kitchen industry?

Customers have High expectations!  Customer service is taken for granted. I am here to help!


Describe yourself in one word.

‘Professional’.  And to me this word defines me and is deep rooted.

To me a professional is detailed oriented, knowledgeable, patient, and most of all, honest.


How do you do it?

I try to recognize my clients taste, understand and immerse into their creative world where we navigate together.

I am on a constant learning curve; there are too many products out there that would be too overwhelming for them! For that reason I am here to offer my suggestions! After all I am a subject matter expert.


A tip from the Pro?


  • Get comfortable, may be some coffee at a café?
  • Look at Inspiration sections around the internet or pull up magazines you like.
  • Bring those ideas along with you in cutouts and you would save 50% of your time already!

And more importantly,

Don’t forget to Bring your measurements, a measuring tape can save you from more trouble than you can even begin to imagine! Ask me, I know I cannot stress this enough.


One thing you can talk about all day other than your profession?

I love baking and cooking, I can talk about it all day! I plan to share them with you on the inspiration page.

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5 responses on “Shiva

  1. Anca Tanasescu

    To paraphrase you, customers do not necessary have high expectations, but they for sure need to feel you care about them and you offer them the best solutions for their budget. You are great in doing this; your expertise, your knowledge, your patience, your fast ability to follow up (by email and/or by phone) to clarify all the little details, your dedication to your clients serve you good. Keep up the great job Shiva!

  2. Karen

    Shiva was extremely helpful when I was shopping for a variety of items for my home renovation. She was patient and understanding. She also offered advice when I was decorating various rooms. I will definitely shop at Amati again when I am completing my next reno.
    Thank you, Shiva!

  3. Shideh

    Shiva was extremely helpful with our design and choosing faucets, sinks, and tub for our house. Building a new house is overwhelming but Shiva made it a fun experience for us. Thanks a lot for your help. We had an excellent experience and we highly recommend you.

  4. samk

    When you do renovation, and looking for professional advise, Shiva is the person, you need to see. She provided us with great service, and very valuable tips as a designer. We felt she cares about customers, and anytime we had a question, or problem, she was there for us. After we met her, we stop looking for another store. She provide us with anything we needed. I’m absolutely recommend Shiva, and Amati to all my friends.
    Thank you Shiva.

  5. Jega Haran

    Shiva is a wonderful lady with good knowledge,She help me through this journey ,I renovated my two bathroom at the same time.
    She is very patient to help me understand the products.Returning and ordering the products is very easy with her.If I am going to do a another project I will go to her again.

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