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Top Shower Kit Brands: Features and Recommendations

With so many shower kit options on the market, homeowners can now buy a shower system ideally made to suit their needs. In this article, we’re discussing shower kit brands, the different types of shower systems, and their ‘best-for’ features.

We look over the top brands for quality, luxury, style, affordability, and innovation. Today, there are so many great brands creating and designing shower products, making it super simple to find the right solution for your home. For homeowners, it’s essential to learn this information about showers and their components to determine the features you want to have in your new shower system. Having this knowledge makes for a much simpler buying process.

Types of Shower Kits

For the most part, shower kits come in two types: dual shower systems and three-way shower systems. Here are the differences:

  1. Dual Shower Systems

    Dual shower systems are also known as two-way shower kits. As the name suggests, dual shower systems consist of a large rain head or hand shower, or hand shower and a tub spout. You can choose the combination of two functions. Most of the 2-way shower kits include a rough-in that goes behind the wall, and we recommend that you check before you make a purchase. The kits also include a shower trim, shower arm, elbow, thermostatic valve, and pressure balance valve, depending on the type of system you are looking for.

  2. Three-Way Shower Systems

    Three-way shower kits come with a large rain head, hand shower, body jets, and a tub spout. 3-way shower systems are similar to dual shower kits in mechanism yet have the added function to control the tub spout, giving you a third output for water.

Learning about the different types of shower kits will make buying a new shower system a lot easier. Once you determine the type of shower system you want, you can browse the various shower kit brands. First, though, we recommend you set a clear budget for your shower kit so that you know what you’re comfortable spending and where you can make compromises.

Shower Kit Brands

GROHE logo

If you’re looking for a brand and do not wish to spend a significant amount, then this is your best option. The kit comes ready with everything you need to get going. It also includes the rough-in, making it an excellent purchase if you are looking for a two-way system: rain head and hand shower. Grohe shower kits are not only affordable but also known for fabulous quality, design, and sustainability.

Grohe has been around for decades and is a leading global brand for complete bathroom solutions. With all their products assembled in Germany, Grohe guarantees high-precision production engineering in every product. Our featured Grohe products include rain showerheads, hand shower heads, shower rail sets, and contemporary shower sets.

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    Grohe 27242001 – Euphoria 110 Duo Shower Rail Set

    CAD$190.00 CAD$142.00
    • USD: USD$ 109.61
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    Grohe 117166

    Grohe 117166 – Cosmopolitan Dual Shower System with Pressure Balance Valve.

    CAD$1,042.00 CAD$804.00
    • USD: USD$ 620.62
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Riobel logo

Riobel is a brand that offers excellent value and amazing collections to choose from at great prices. As a brand, Riobel has been nothing but innovative since starting in 1995. The company continually focuses on creating shower systems through the use of 3D models and test benches at their high-end technical center. Riobel also compares every product to its competitors to ensure their products are one step ahead in presentation and functionality. Innovation, high-quality standards, and passion are what Riobel stands for.

We carry a variety of Riobel products, including single-hole faucets, three-way shower systems, shower arms, two-way shower kits, and rain heads. Riobel shower kits are a good purchase if you are looking for different finishes, designs, or upgrades for certain parts in your existing shower system.

ALT logo

One of the rising stars here at Amati! With their ‘electro black’ options, Alt brings a sleek design to all their products. Alt shower kits are a great purchase if you wish to have your shower system in a black, modern finish, with excellent quality and design at a fabulous price. As a shower kit brand, Alt stands for ALTernative, meaning they commit to offering alternative budget-friendly solutions without compromising materials, design, and manufacturing techniques.

Another great thing about ALT shower systems is that they are eco-friendly. All shower faucets from ALT are certified lead-free. Moreover, nearly all ALT faucets exceed the industry standard in water conservation. Our featured ALT products include thermostatic control systems, round shower rails, and single-hole faucets with a pop-out drain.

Hansgrohe logo

What you’re paying for with a Hansgrohe shower kit is longevity, and it’s quite noticeable. The build, material and everything else, are made to last. Hansgrohe also offers an abundance of premium shower products, including hand showers, overhead showers, shower pipes, and shower systems. The brand has been around for nearly 120 years and has consistently stood by its top-quality manufacturing. Hansgrohe also uses German engineering to develop innovative products, technologies, and functions for a lifetime of service.

We are pleased to offer many Hansgrohe products, including wall bar sets, two-piece kits with wall bars, and single hole faucets. A shower kit by Hansgrohe makes a solid purchase if you wish to spend a little more for a long-lasting product.

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    Hansgrohe HG-KIT10 – Thermostatic Shower with Wall Bar

    Hansgrohe HG-KIT10 – Thermostatic Shower with Wall Bar

    CAD$2,205.00 CAD$1,543.50
    • USD: USD$ 1,191.45
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GRAFF logo

One of the premium brands we carry. Here, you get what you pay for – fabulous design, function and renowned quality. A worthy purchase if you are going after a particular style and want to enjoy every bit of what you spent. Rough-in must be purchased separately. Shower kits from GRAFF will most certainly give you the latest stylized trend, as the company is well known for its trend-setting products and unique vision. The company is committed to producing the highest quality products, and they achieve this through old-world craftsmanship and utilizing the latest manufacturing technology. If you want luxury GRAFF kits are perfect for you. The company is also at the forefront of design, creating designer-based collections for the luxury market. Our wide selection of GRAFF products include custom shower kits, M-series collection shower systems, and mounted tub fillers.

  • riobel canada

    Graff GM3.057SB-SHO-PC – Custom Shower Kit

    • USD: USD$ 1,971.47
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Aquabrass gives you great quality and designs and manufactures all its products in Italy. The company offers attractive features in its shower systems, making it a viable option if you are more interested in design and function. This brand focuses on creating a simple yet satisfying product experience for customers. Aqubrass achieves this by manufacturing products with high-performance materials that carry superb functionality. As a result, customers can expect a hassle-free installation in any new or existing bathroom setting. You should, however, bear in mind that Aquabrass shower rough-ins are sold separately.

Our Aquabrass collection features braided hose square hand showers, square waterways, square rain heads, and thermostatic valve shower sets.

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    Aquabrass 2 Function Shower Kit Includes :T-12123 Rough In

    CAD$2,039.40 CAD$1,299.00
    • USD: USD$ 1,002.72
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All Disegno shower products are made in Italy and offer exceptional overall value. These kits are an excellent option if you are looking for an affordable price, quality, and function. Although the shower rough-in needs to be purchased separately, Riobel brings superior quality and advanced design to homeowners. Disegno also specializes in shower steamers made from high-quality materials such as chrome, polished nickel, and brushed nickel. Our featured Disegno products include Disegno Steam 375 -9 KW, Disegno Steam 475-10.5 KW, and Disegno Steam 250-7.5 KW, as well as the Disegno System 54 2-way shower kit.

There are so many astounding shower kit options on the market, and finding the perfect shower solution has never been easier. Whether you are looking for luxury, quality, or innovation, we are sure to offer the right brand for you. Visit our website or give us a call to speak with one of our helpful experts.

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    Disegno – System 54, Shower Kit

    CAD$2,110.00 CAD$999.00
    • USD: USD$ 771.14
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