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Why Visit the Amati Canada Showroom

Amati Canada is a company that specializes in bathroom, kitchen and room décor. We display a massive selection of vanities, lighting fixtures, faucets, shower systems, sinks and many more high-end products for your home’s remodelling and interior design. Over the past few decades, our company has evolved from a small business to a prominent leader in the bathroom an kitchen design industry. Over this time, we have taken care to perfect our business strategy, and this means listening to our customer’s wishes. For this reason, we have created a showroom for our customers, so that you can benefit from high-quality products as well as professional design and advice.

Our company collaborates with a list of hand-picked suppliers who provide products of the highest quality, built to last. Amati Canada can help you select from middle to high-end products of the highest quality for your home’s kitchen and bathroom, providing you with advice, professional design, personal recommendations and best of all, an up close and personal engagement with our product selection.

While we offer an online catalogue for online shopping ease, many customers prefer to visit our showroom as it allows them to get a more personal service. Our showroom allows us to provide our customers with face to face support for plumbing and fixtures, repairs and maintenance, in home-design services, product recommendations and professional sales expertise that is guaranteed to make your bathroom or kitchen design experience a quick and easy endeavour, which will help you create gorgeous interiors for your home. Here are some of the other reasons to visit our conveniently located showroom:

Evolving selection

We offer a continuously changing selection of trendy and stylish product panels from within the industry. Our selection is regularly updated and can be viewed up close and personal from the comforts of our showroom.

Personal Service and Expertise

Our staff can set up appointments with customers to help you go about your shopping experience, guided one-on-one by our experienced design professionals. Our company is dedicated to helping you make the best decisions regarding your bathroom and kitchen product purchases, and we continuously update our catalogue to provide customers with a modern selection.

Same Day Pick-Up

Our most popular catalogue products are available within short-notice, with many products being available for same-day pickup.

High-end Products

We stock only the highest quality products from international suppliers. Access our extensive catalogues for a variety of brands. For more information, please visit our website at:


Photo of Bunch of sinks for showroom

Maintenance and Repair Support

We offer replacement parts and products for fixture and appliance maintenance. Our company strives to make your shopping experience as easy as possible, which is why we offer assistance with products whether you have or have not purchased them from us.



Visit the Amati Canada showroom today for the most personalized shopping experience available within the industry. Our showroom is open from Monday to Friday, 9am-6pm and Saturdays from 9am- 4pm. We are located on 105 Doncaster Avenue, Thornhill, ON. For more information about Amati Canada, please visit us or call us at (905) 709-0881. Our team is always happy to talk to you about who we are, what we offer, and how we can help our customers create the most beautiful bathroom and kitchen interiors.

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